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Min Joo Baek, BSN, RN

Certified Aesthetic Registered Nurse

Min Joo graduated from Emory University Nursing School in 2017 with Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After earning her degree, Min Joo worked as a nurse for the Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology at Emory University Hospital where she helped and provided care for patients with cancer. While working as an oncology nurse, Min Joo witnessed many patients losing confidence as their appearance changed (loss of hair, skin color, weight, etc.,) due to the severe side effects from Chemotherapy. This experience led Min Joo to dedicate herself in helping her patients ease their pain. After working as an oncology nurse for several more years, Min Joo had a profound realization that she could fulfil her commitment to her patients by combining her passion for aesthetics with her role as a nurse. By doing so, it would provide her with an opportunity to help people look beautiful but also feel confident in their own skin again. With this new perspective, Min Joo soon joined Stella Skin & Laser where she has been working for the past several years while attending a family nurse practitioner program at University of North Georgia with the expected graduation term, spring of 2024.

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