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Stella Jin

Owner, Certified Laser Practitioner, Master Cosmetologist

Stella’s journey started in 2007 at a small beauty shop in Duluth, GA, where she pursued a career in skin care/cosmetics. Over the course of her profession, Stella developed a passion for helping people to not only look but also feel beautiful. To fulfil this role, Stella worked relentlessly for numerous years to expand her expertise in the aesthetic industry until she established Stella Skin & Laser in 2015 where she continues to provide her clients with her expertise in skin care. In fact, many of Stella’s current customers have been coming to see her since the beginning of her journey, because of her commitment to developing and sustaining meaningful relationships with her clients.

As the owner of establishment, Stella oversees the overall operation of her business and manages her staff members to ensure her clients are getting quality care and results. With that in mind, it can be difficult for Stella to take on any clients especially in a short notice. Regardless of her busy schedule, Stella chooses to treat her clients but strongly recommends booking appointments so that she could make time to provide her clients with undivided attention. With over 16+ years of experience in aesthetic and skin care, you can depend on Stella and her staff to do the job right.

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